KnitWise Fibers Float Set

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Would you like your yarn wound into center pull balls? If so, let us know in your cart "order notes" section!

This is a set of KnitWise Fibers Floofy Fingering, dyed especially for Local Yarn Store Day for Fuzzy Goat. The set includes 2 skeins.

Floofy FIngering is 75% Merino, 25% Nylon, 437 yards

KnitWise Fibers is Alycia's lovely creation. From her studio in Tallahassee, Florida comes the most delicious bases with layered and beautiful dyes. She is also a Fuzzy Goat regular so her conversations with you all result in yarns that don't last long in the shop!

Alycia spied Dawn Barker's Float pattern & got right to work creating yarn for Fuzzy Goat fans. The fun of this pooling yarn will be in making your next adventure! The bright spot on the left in our photos is the color that will make your flower stitch! When you purchase our set, email us to ask for our notes on how to make this pattern in 2 skeins (instead of 3) will send you:

Here is Dawn Barker's newest pattern: Calico, written for 2 skeins!

We made a little video on how to do this unique stitch.

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