wool dog bone

wool dog bone

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Fair trade felted wool toys. Colors vary, your order is for one dog bone.

For the love of dogs - 5% of what you pay is donated to the remarkable Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre in Nepal. Dogs are very drawn to the smell of the sheep's wool in these bones. Shockingly durable due to the structural strength of the densely matted wool - customers report that they last as long, if not longer, than any of the other dog toys they have bought. No stress about cleaning up either - just a quick hand wash will take care of any residue.

  • Water supply for felting is rain-harvested where possible.
  • Azo free dyes and environmentally conscious post-production management of dyes.
  • Hand crafted 
  • Not for tough chewers
  • Measures approximately 6 inches long

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